Evolution (for non-majors) (BIOL 3010) – Spring

Insect Systematics and Evolution (BIOL 5530) – Fall, alternate years


Phylogenetic Systematics (BIOL 6750) – Fall, alternate years

Topics in Biology (BIOL 6910) – a changing menu of courses, which has included Advanced Topics in Insect Systematics; Historical Biogeography; Insect-Plant Interactions; Model-Based Inference in Molecular Systematics; Molecular Evolution; Phylogeography; Tree Thinking

Undergraduate/Graduate  (BIOL 4750/6750) 

Biogeography (Fall 2017)

Ecology and Evolution of Symbiosis (Fall 2016, Spring 2019)

Insect Behavior (Spring 2010, Fall 2019)


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