Lab Members

Current Lab Members:

Carol von Dohlen – Professor, Assistant Department Head, Co-Director of Graduate Studies, and Director of the USU Insect Collection

Jonathan Bravo, PhD candidate

Megan Licht, PhD candidate

Katie Weglarz, PhD candidate

Zach Portman, PhD candidate

Cody Bills, Undergraduate researcher

Lina Ghabayen, Undergraduate researcher

Reem Ghabayen, Undergraduate researcher

Former Graduate Students & Lab Members:

Ghazal Abu Salim, Undergraduate researcher

Rebekah Andrus, MS

Ian Aper, Undergraduate researcher

Colin Brammer, PhD; North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Thomas Crowley, Undergraduate researcher

Achik Dorchin, Postdoctoral Associate

Carrie Drake, MS; UES Inc., Dayton, OH

Irene Chipman Evelyn, Undergraduate researcher

Samantha Fitch Garrett, Undergraduate researcher

Shawn Kohler, Undergraduate researcher

Kistie Patch, MS; Lab technician at University of Kansas, Molecular Biology

Erik Pilgrim, PhD; Research Biologist, EPA

Juanita Rodriguez, PhD; Postdoctoral Associate, Auburn University

Carol Rowe, MS; Lab technician at Utah State University, Molecular Ecology

Allen Spaulding, PhD; Grand Canyon University

Usha Menon Spaulding, Technician; Researcher at BioFire Diagnostics

Cecilia Waichert, PhD; at USU on Brazilian Postdoctoral Fellowship

Kevin Williams, PhD; Florida State Collection of Arthropods, Gainesville



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